AgentPaco – The Devil Works Hard But AgentPaco Works Harder

The Devil Works Hard But AgentPaco Works Harder is an 8-track album from Nashville artist AgentPaco that exists to create a fun, more wide-appealing atmosphere to the rap genre. Paco combines humor, catchy hooks, booming production, and his love for fashion and art into a 20-minute package perfect for all ages that does not overstay its welcome. From the bright, catchy party song “Charizard” to the late night hip hop track “Payback,” Paco provides a diverse experience for any listener.

AgentPaco is a rapper and entertainer from Lebanon, TN. Starting as a cashier at his local Chick-fil-A, Paco quickly discovered an affinity for making rap music that developed throughout college at Lipscomb University. Paco released his first EP on streaming services, The Future Is AgentPaco, in August of 2017, followed by his first ever live performance at Nashville clothing boutique ROOTED, drawing over 300 people. His witty lyricism, unique production, and authentic aura differentiated himself from other artists and surprised many who wrote Paco off as “another white rapper.”

In 2018, Paco released a string of seven singles, titled “Firaga,” that combined his usual charm with video game references and a more refined sound. Paco debuted his first full-length project The Devil Works Hard But AgentPaco Works Harder in October of 2019, a project that reached the front page of popular online Sub-Reddit, “Hip Hop Heads,” with 1.82 million subscribers.


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