Collin Storke – Rockstar Pending

“Rockstar Pending” is Collin Storke’s debut EP. He put the entire project together within 2 months of release. The title alludes to his eager wanting to live the rockstar life and how he is in-fact a rockstar in the pending stages. The lyrics in the project express all trials and tribulations that are associated the come-up of a young artist.

Collin Storke is a New York City based, hip-hop oriented artist. He debuted “Never Fell In Love” as his first ever single in the beginning of 2019. He followed those tracks up with two more singles titled “Faded In Manhattan” and “Five Car Pile Up”. A short time after, he began the rollout for his debut EP, “Rockstar Pending”. The rollout was kicked off with the release of Three Past Nine and carried out on social media with the use of short fifteen-second visuals. His sound can best be described as raw and modern. Collin is signed under the cozyfiles music group.


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