Dalai Dunce – Right Path Psychopath

“Right Path Psychopath” is Dalai Dunce’s debut mixtape. it’s a personal story directly adapted from the artist’s experiences. the tape will put the listener through different moods reflecting a variation of struggles in life. it’s lyrically a thought and emotion provoking project and music-wise a heavily trap inspired alternative hip-hop sound.

Dalai Dunce is a storyteller who tells his tales through music, genre spanning somewhere between trap & lofi. the songs are meant to be experiences on their own, every song is entirely different from the previous. initially dunce only wrote lyrics but he has since been working on his producing and engineering skills to get even more control over the vibes. being a bit controversial dunce’s intentions might seem unclear and cause some confusion but you’ll understand in the long run, all he asks of you is to run along and stay open minded.


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