DANA. – Let Us Prey

Dana asserts his dominating presence into the local music culture with powerful lyrics and nostalgic sounds as he broadened his horizons from Indianapolis to Phoenix.

Embracing the hardships of his past, inspiration became artistry where many audiences relate to the honesty echoing in his meaning. Influenced by his admiration for NAS, Jay-Z, & 50 Cent, Dana creates tunes encompassing real world knowledge that harmonize with imagery igniting the ferocity of the audience’s emotions.

In 2018, the takeoff of his first EP, 25th Hour, introduced mesmeric beats that depict an enlightened perspective of the world while touching on empathetic hardships. Ready to continue conquering Phoenix with his musical creativity, Dana recently dropped his latest project, Let Us Prey, on January 13th, 2020 to demonstrate a relatable story. With empathy shining from his raw and genuine lyrics, the audience resonates with the cringing reality showcased throughout his songs. Dana’s efforts to stand tall in the rap scene are without a doubt thriving.

Mounting new heights, his growth as an artist has influenced Dana’s latest eruption into the music scene on, Let Us Prey. With the release of this engaging EP on January 13th, 2020, effortless rhythms allude to a theme diving into the hardships we’ve all seemed to experience in life. Intentionally, Let Us Prey compels the audience to truly reflect on our arduous struggles while igniting the spark within us to strive for better. Each song showcases the journey embracing the difficult and find the hunger within ourselves.

Behind the EP’s title, Let Us Prey, it confronts the insincerities we experience from others and the simple desire to be heard, as sometimes support doesn’t equate to authenticity. However, it also encourages the empowerment to be a valiant warrior. Kicking off his EP in uproar, Dana’s initial song, Let Us Prey, stresses the message of coping with the obstacles tossed in one’s direction. As each song addresses our afflictions, there is a heartfelt twist that draws out the fiery within us to confidently reach success in our strides. Incorporating rising artists into his creativity, Dana’s song, Moon & Back, features talented artist, JayWop and his hypnotic beats. Moon & Back confronts the adversity of seclusion while the courage to avoid isolation rather than falter to our difficulties. Like a wolf, Dana’s new EP, Let Us Prey, emanates characteristics of tenacity, resilience, and independence.


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