darius j. – Concepts & Creations: A Demo Tape

Darius J. stylized as “darius j.” is a 23 year old artist from Gulfport, MS currently based in Tokyo, Japan. His content is more centered around conscious, real life subject matter in his lyrics with production styles blending sounds from boom bap/lofi, trap, R&B/trapsoul, etc looking to help pioneer a new Southern sound from the mix. After years of trials and tribulations struggling to create tangible material, he finally released his debut demo tape “Concepts & Creations: A Demo Tape” May 2020 along with his debut demo video for his songs “WHEREUFROM? // PARKINLOTPIMPIN.”

“Concepts & Creations: A Demo Tape” is my first ever full length project. I don’t consider it an album, mixtape, EP, LP, etc but rather a “demo tape”. I consider it a demo because I personally believe it is still a little rough around the edges and not as completely perfect as it could be. However I do believe it is an excellent well rounded project that accurately showcases my talent and versatility. There is also a link to my music video on my YouTube in the link provided.


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