Kenan Belzner – Decaying In My Mausoleum

Kenan Belzner is a producer from Toronto, Canada. He began producing electronic music at the age of 14 and has been pushing into many genres ever since. In 2019, an album he produced for Jacobus was nominated for the best Hiphop album of the year at the East Coast Music Awards. He consistently takes influence from multiple genres such Hiphop, EDM, Dubstep, and Pop to create new sounds and moods. His biggest influences are Skrillex and Getter. He admires them for their ability to cross into many genres and are versatile in their production style.

Planet 3 Collective, Based out of Toronto, Canada, consists of rappers Auxv and Cxlvelli. Inspired by artists such as Erykah Badu and $uicideboy$, Auxv sings melodies that will make the hair on your arms stand up. Cxlevelli’s raspy vocals and energetic flows resemble artists like Flatbush Zombies and Ghostemane. Both artists have different styles but complement each in a “yin yang” fashion.

This 4-track EP titled “Decaying In My Mausoleum” combines Kenan Belzner’s Electronic influenced heavy beats with Auxv’s and Cxlvelli’s dark lyrical themes and flows taking you out of “the Matrix” and giving you a peek of what’s behind the curtain. Both Auxv and Cxlvelli tapped into their dark side for this project, expressing their anger and frustration at the world. Also, sharing with the world their battles with their inner demons. They incorporate subtle political and ideological views in their lyrics, reflecting the current state of our society. They speak of their struggle with mental illness, emotional pain, and self-medicating drug use.

Along with the release of the EP, they have dropped a music video for “C-137 Anarchy”.


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