Khrs Night – Sensory Overload

Khrs Night submerges from the trenches with a new, 11 track album entitled “Sensory Overload”. With multiple features from artists like Dar$e Louie, QBGudda and Mark Ant; catch the club anthem “Freak Me” and “Look Back At It”. Both of which carry a heavy, hyphy feel. Stream the full album on Spotify.

Fight or Flight. Some have the luxury to contemplate this conundrum. However, for Belizean-American rapper Khrs Night having to face-up and confront life’s darkest realities as they come is an instinct. While many of his fellow high school classmates at Mayfair High, flew off to distant colleges or enrolled in nearby trade schools, Bellflower-native Khrs Night graduated to a different life-style. Not long after enrolling in community college, he became a student of a different class where every grade was weighted. At the age of 16, he began selling drugs; taking a short break to attempt to find work after his older friend, who he doesn’t want to name for privacy reasons, was gunned down. Yet he made his way back to the drug game, one of the few classrooms where the ability to make strategic moves and algebraic calculations are the difference between life and death.

For Khrs Night, dealing drugs while homeless, motel rooms became his office space and the car dashboard served as his boardroom table. However, as fate—better yet, as Allah would have it, a now recently-converted Muslim, Khrs Night stumbled into his calling. A chance encounter of being confused for his real-life doppelgänger, quite literally, chased him into a divine intervention: an Army recruitment center. Attempting to buy minutes from a case of mistaken identity, he engaged in a conversation with the recruiters, that within weeks resulted in him joining the military where he would serve for years. He was deployed with special forces to Afghanistan where learned how to operate intel and his innate ability to think fast and find solutions, that he honed in motel rooms throughout the 562, was valued on the battlefield.

While he didn’t start making music until his early 20s, when paper hit pen, it became clear that the episodic-hodgepodge of his life was merely setting the metronome for the tempo of his music—fast-paced, little time for reflection, and few moments to catch your breath. Although his life reads like the script of a movie, for Khrs Night life is anything but a fairytale. Yet, his personal story serves as the recipe book for his out-of-this world lyrical flow and ability to ride beats that don’t sit still. Laden with carefree lyrics about crucial circumstances, his first album Sensory Overload, a crossover between a hyphy West Coast sound and Swedish influenced trap beats, is a musical guidebook on how to recline during the turbulence in the midst of takeoff. Take it from the 562 native—fight then fly.


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