Shawn Holographic – Black Piece of Sh*t

Shawn Holographic’s “Black Piece of Shit” is a championing of negative qualities. It is an admission of dark and hopeless ideals. It is ugly, beautiful, and thoughtful emotional duress. “Black piece of shit” is a healthy dose of the average Blackman’s horniness, vulnerability, loneliness, isolation, anger, destruction, confidence, peace, and insecurity. It is skin abstracted to an existential symbol of discontent. Tracks like “Woke Nemesis”, highlight the grandeur, beauty, and nearly suicidal sadness that comes with discovering one’s deep and negative urges. While Tracks like “B.P.O.S.” exist as a painting exists, meaning only what it truly is and eluding any understanding beyond raw perception.

Shawn Holographic was born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. His parents had split since before his birth. However, both were professional musicians, which meant lots of music wherever he went. As a result, Shawn has always heard unfamiliar music in his head and even in his dreams. Leaving his life’s dream behind of being a Neurosurgeon, he began pursuing vocal training while still a junior in high school with Noelle Rogers (A former colleague of Luciano Pavarotti); And, after turning eighteen, Holograph moved to Harlem, NY where he penetrated into the underground indie-rock scene and pursued a degree in Music.

He eventually dropped out of music school due to telling his dean to “Go fuck” himself, but continued his education as a creative writing major. While honing his skills as a self-taught guitarist, Shawn acted and sang in musicals Off-off broadway, until moving to Los Angeles to pursue performance training. It was in Los Angeles where he first began to produce his own beats, before meeting and teaming up with sound engineer Scott Cohen on his first mixtape, “Black Goku”. Shawn had finally created an outlet for the hundreds of recorded song ideas that had come to him over the years. Creating “Black Goku” and performing it live, inspired Holograph to continue making music, which lead to his upcoming EP “Black Piece of Shit”.


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