LM Showcase – Came Up

LM Showcase’s new single, “Came Up”, is an upbeat song giving the audience a feeling of perseverance to get through what ever their struggles may be in the moment. Positive vibes is the main focus in this song as it a song that has a bouncy happy feel with lyrics that describe LM Showcases journey coming up.

LM Showcase is a new hip-hop artist that hails from Queens, New York. Growing up listening to music and inspired by the likes of 2Pac, Logic, Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, LM Showcase then knew the one thing that he became a fan of was also something he felt he could do himself.

Rapping is something that is a huge passion of LM Showcase and you can see that he raps about being positive but adds a fun vibe with it. He wants to inspire the youth that they can chase their dreams but also let them know it will be a grind and will not be easy. Growing up it was negativity around him but that did not stop him from making music, other hobbies included playing basketball in which he played for Sarah Lawrence College. Speaking on music today LM Showcase explains “I feel music today is lacking positivity, especially mainstream music. The beats are amazing and the artists are very talented but drugs and negative topics surface way more than it should.”.

As a new artist while you can have talented and some, it still takes a work ethic to really get moving as an artist. The one thing that you can’t deny about LM Showcase is that he is hungry and willing to do what it takes to get heard. His record he describes it as legendary and he puts the time in. Too add to that he wants to be one of the greatest rappers ever and make a historic legacy.

As far as possible collaborations he would love to work with J. Cole, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. As far a producers he names Nav and Metro Boomin. Right now he has his new single available now “Came Up” which is a song that breaks down his journey coming up in life from past failures. It is mainly for those who are pursuing their dreams and want a feeling of hope by letting his audience know we can come up in life. So yes, he has the hot records and is ready to work to make things pop off.


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