Aussie Powers – Ov3rDoZ3 With Luvv (Short Film Directed By Chulo Productions)

Aussie Powers, A Name You Won’t Forget

By: Alexondra Gibson

The music industry undoubtedly continues to evolve day to day, year to year, even decade to decade. The last decade specifically has proven that anybody can make music. However, not everyone can make good music. New on the scene, artist Aussie Powers is pushing his way to the top with his raw talent and artistry.

26-year-old Aussie Powers is one of many artists quickly expanding in Detroit. Being born with complete hearing loss in his right ear due to a damaged eardrum, hasn’t stopped Powers in the slightest from exploring and perfecting his craft. He is just beginning to showcase not only his musical gifts but also his visual creativity. Aussie Powers is dropping a new album with an accompanying short film and the pair visually and sonically fuse original Motown vibes together with a new edgy sound.

Throughout the new album and short film Aussie Powers pays tribute and dedicates many aspects of his artistry to fellow fallen artists. You can see that dedication come through full force in the short film where Powers switches through multiple personas, exhibiting those fallen individuals and the roles they played in his life. The visuals and sounds are the perfect balance of ‘old school, feel good’ music and the new free spirited psychedelic vibe. At the rate he’s going, Aussie Powers will soon be a household name that people can’t get enough of.

Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/UZJo1WRrD04

Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/aussiepowers_/


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