Introducing Allias Mississippi’s next up @therealallias

Dexter”Allias”Gram was born in Meridian, Mississippi, and knew right away that he wanted to be a Musical Artist. By the age of 9, he had already decided that he was going to be something of an enigma as a musical artist one day,With a passion to inspire the world.He fed this desire by writing poetry, and by age 16, he was transforming this “poetry” into epic ballads and songs.

He drew inspiration from all the most talented rap artists in the industry, including Tupac Shakur, Kanye West, T.I.,Twista, and Jay-Z. During his middle and high school years, Allias entered numerous talent shows, and entering rap battles at Bonita lakes mall in Meridian MS to showcase his musical prowess and gain the confidence he needed to succeed in this industry. After networking in his hometown music scene, Allias knew that it was time for him to seek a bigger and better success. He set out for California and linked up with his cousin J.Reed to follow his dreams and expand his musical repertoire.

Once he arrived in California, he and J.Reed got right to business, releasing their first collaboration CD album titled “TruthBeTold” under the independent label (Frontline)which then created a buzz for the two. Allias began spreading his name and performing in various venues across the state. Pretty soon Allias became well known in the southern California music scene, but he knew that he still hadn’t reached his full potential. He hired a promoter in 2008, who spread the word about Allias and began creating the media buzz that he had been looking for.

One night, Allias was performing at a club called “The Vibe” when he ran into Rawkstar, another aspiring musician who was looking to create waves in the California music industry. The two instantly recognized each others’ talent and saw that they had identical dreams. They partnered up and began to build up the success that had thus far eluded them individually. Allias, Underground Rap Rawkstar and Allias founded EZ Money Productions/Entertainment and started writing new songs for their band.

In a matter of months, they had developed a dedicated fan base throughout the greater Los Angeles region. With multiple CDs, songs, and mix tapes distributed under the EZ Money name, As progress came both founders decided to take their own individual paths in the industry. Rawkstar still upholding the EZ name also affiliated with Allias with his own campaign “3322 Music Group™” with ALLIAS now relocated in Tulsa Oklahoma he’s back on the rise with the critically acclaimed “Trxll Motivatxon” Mixtape/Album.

He is working another project labeled “Listen Til The End” which is his first album releasing independently and still signed under Juels Of Rome a branch of the BSAFE foundation, also a known talent consultant and Bookings of celebs, parties ,walk throughs, hosting etc. Allias continues to climb the wall of success by any means necessary through music, film, fashion and marketing. With his newest and most anticipated single yet to come “If I Could Sing” Allias is the industry’s top 2021 prospect and will continue to satisfy his ever growing fanbase with each day that passes.

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