Lil Sleep The Sandman – Inshallah

Samuel Spaller, otherwise known as Lil Sleep The Sandman, is a proud freestyle rapper and US Army veteran from Jefferson City, Missouri. Samuel’s stage name is actually quite calculated. Lil Sleep was not something chose on a whim. With that being said, “Lil Sleep” was generated from the ending of his military career.

Samuel was diagnosed with Narcolepsy- a rare sleep disorder, and honorably exited the Army due to the development of his condition. And as for “The Sandman”, that title is a message to his Middle Eastern heritage and family currently living over seas. Sleep hopes to become renowned enough in the music industry so that one day he may be able to bring his family to the United States.

The deeper we dive into the content produced by Lil Sleep The Sandman, the more evident it becomes that this artist is not out here trying to be a rapper for clout and fame, but to actually reach people through his music. such as can be said about his latest, Edward Walker directed video for “Inshallah”.

“Inshallah is a single that I recently dropped. In this music video I explain my demeanor, lyrically, as a person and an artist. I hope people are able to listen and hear what I’m saying in my music.”


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