Tim Sellin and Papi Jripp – High

Tim Sellin & Papi Jripp are up and coming independent artists based out of Toronto. The duo formed in 2016 to create a diverse array of collaborative records in an effort to bring both “melodic” and “lyrical” Rap music under the same umbrella. Both Artists have their own unique sound that they’ve developed over years of recording their own solo projects.

Tim Sellin is a rapper born and raised in Canada, while predominantly focusing on his pen game the young Emcee got his start in the underground battle rap scene and has been steadily making music ever since, most recently Tim was featured on BET Freestyle Friday. Papi Jripp is a Artist born and raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with a cadence and flow that unmistakably represents Caribbean Hip Hop, Jripp is working on building brand awareness to show the new generation that the West Indies can rap. Though stylistically Tim Sellin & Papi Jripp couldn’t be more different in there approach to rap music, whenever the two are jump on a track together you can always expect to hear something fresh, different, and fun to listen to for both the casual and avid Hip Hop fan.

They recently dropped a marijuana heavy visual for “High”. They had this to say about it.

“High” Is basically our weed anthem, the song has a mellow beat and laid back hook that is good for a easy listen when you’re nice and baked, moreover you could be sober as well & still enjoy the song if that’s what floats your boat. The video itself is the first of many more to come, the idea was to have a simple video with green lighting to help with ambiance and we decided to add scribble effects to make the video more visually appealing. Ideally the goal of this video is to at the least help build our YouTube channel and online visibility to more people outside of Toronto.


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