[EP] Hip-Hop lyricist Ashton Martin’s latest work, Care Package

On July 11th, Hip-Hop lyricist Ashton Martin premiered his latest work, Care Package. The 6 track EP was an outlet for Ashton Martin while battling depression and the chaos that was occurring in the world. Ashton Martin decided to give the world this “Care Package” and use it as a way to express the importance of mental health illnesses and the healthy ways to deal with it by starting his movement, “I Care, Talk To Me”.

Ashton Martin’s music is intentional, inspirational, and consistent in what his message states. This EP is groundbreaking into bringing a voice that is much needed and with all of the chaos that 2020 has brought, Ashton Martin felt it was necessary to use his platform and music to bring awareness and set the standard; To bring unity and to begin the process of healthy healing within the black community.

To add, Ashton Martin’s lyrics do not contain profanity which opens up the options of teen listeners to hear and grasp his positive messages. This is what allows for Ashton Martin to stand out especially in the Hip-Hop culture.

Ashton Martin is a Florida native currently residing in Atlanta, GA. His musical inspirations are J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Andre 3000. He is very involved in the community and enjoys hosting free community events and encouraging arts in the youth. Ashton’s overall goal is to make better futures for the next generation.

“Ashton Martin is a unique lyricist with an impressive work ethic and very talented”

For more information, please contact bookings@ashtonmartin.info for interviews, guest list, and further info.

Care Package EP:https://ampl.ink/nD4b8

(Website) www.shopashtonmartinent.com

(IG) www.instagram.com/itsashtonmartin

(Press Kit) www.ashtonmartin.info/EPK


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