OG Shyne – Shyne Worldwyde 2

Symia Shyne, also known as OG Shyne, is a female artist from Houston, Texas. Over her whole career as a musician, she has thrown and curated 2 of her own headliner shows, released over 50 songs, including 3 albums and has been featured on a variation of collaborative projects. Her latest release, “Shyne Worldwyde 2” was release in the summer of 2018, spotlighting her different variations of creativity, melodies, colorful aura and personality.

“Shyne Worldwyde 2” is a come up off of the original, which was released 2 summers ago. This new body of work showcases a tremendous growth in OG Shyne to the point where SWW and SWW2 are almost incomparable. In this project she has mastered simplicity within the hooks and songs, wittiness with some funny yet cool & simple bars, and array of different melodies while all still being able to bring her personality to the forefront. It is a very enjoyable, colorful, and fun album, not anticipated to make you think so much, but to just jam out and to be care free and have fun.


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