PHIL. – Make It Happen Season

For his latest audio outing, PHIL. serves up a project based on a pilot episode to a tv show of a day in the life with him, presenting ideas relatable to anyone and thoughts that are the tangible amenities we all look to acquire. From money, girls nice cars; PHIL. displays immense versatility on “Make It Happen Season” with tracks like “Houston Japan and “Fantasy” showing off his melodic thought provoking skills. Rap is second nature to him this 6 – 7 month long awaited project portrays the pursuit of happiness in the music culture. Honestly this is basically the soundtrack to PHIL.’s life, a motion picture written and directed by Spike Lee.

PHIL. isn’t just a artist name it’s another persona to take on for anyone, like Bruce Wayne to Batman. Hailing from the city of Bridgeport located in the state of Connecticut. A 23 year old college graduate transitioning into a world filled with misfortunes and shortcomings, his musical background stemming from his church upbringing. Mom a choir director and his uncle being a Bishop, cousins all being blessed with voices of angelic harmonies.

Music gravitated to PHIL. effortlessly, whether it was kicking freestyles with friends to singing alto in his churches children’s choir Sunday mornings. It didn’t matter he always seemed to come back to it even with this distinguished ear for music, his original plans for his future never was connected to music heading to college and obtaining a degree was more realistically suitable for the young artist.

His surroundings played a huge role in him withholding his passion subjecting him to a lot of criticism it wasn’t till a summer night in September right after he began his senior campaign at the University of Bridgeport he was shot in the lower abdomen. After surviving this incident his entire outlook on life changed. Finishing college was a must for him growing up as a first generation American parents immigrants he can’t let them down.

Traveling back and forth from CT to NY and NJ for various reasons, girls, money and music his just never felt fulfilled till about 5 months ago when he dropped his first song on all major platforms titled “IN-NY Freestyle”. He saw the shift change and pendulum finally swinging in his favor and he is gonna make the most of the moment with God in his favor anything is possible. “Make It Happen” is more than a slogan it’s a lifestyle, the need to give his family everything they deserve has now become a necessity for PHIL. #MIH


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