THANKYOUSTEEZ – Thankyouwho? Vol. 1

“Thankyouwho? Vol. 1” is the latest release from THANKYOUSTEEZ which is the first installment of a series of projects he is releasing.

This project really pays homage to my great state of Texas and provide sound bits of the legend, DJ Screw. It is really a staple for my sound, which plays into the ‘WHO?” aspect of the title. I proved a unique sound and overall a well thought out project that flows well together.

Hailing from the small city of Seguin in Texas, which lies outside of San Antonio and along highway i-10, THANKYOUSTEEZ began the early stages of his career producing and mixing for artists other than himself. Being a natural born creator, it was only a matter time until he began creating his own music, late into his senior year of high school. Steez has always had an ear for music growing up, whether it was his mother playing the likes of Death Row and southern greats like DJ Screw, Fat Pat or spending weekends with his grandparents listening to the Temptations, and the oldies era. Raised by his mother and grandparents, they managed to keep me from slipping into the evils that the Seguin streets are infamously known for.

His music is based on experiences either himself or those close to him have gone through, providing a profound relationship with his fans. The city of Seguin is full of potential but almost deemed cursed with broken dreams, hell-bent on making it out and bringing more opportunities, steez pays homage to his city and state so often as his influences. Along with his companions & fellow artists, Mack & Jay, they have created their own movement called “Contraband”. Pushing those who listen to keep an open mind, preaching prosperity & growth. From creating beats and mixing songs on free trials of music software, to now performing at various venues around Texas, THANKYOUSTEEZ is surely making a name for himself and providing his own sound that is fresh for the southern music scene.


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