A Trinidadian Soca Star with An Outstanding Fashion-Sense – Meet Melly Rose

A glance at Melly Rose’s brilliant fashion sense and fantastic voice.

Melly Rose is a vocalist who was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She attended high school and college in the United States. She attended Baltimore School for the Arts and Morgan State University. After attending the Morgan State University, Melly decided to move back to her home islands.

Today, Melly Rose is well-known for her singing. Each one of Melly’s song has a profound meaning behind them and convey a resounding message to the listeners. Melly is a rising star and has already made it into MTV, New York Times, BET Soul line up through her confoundingly good single ‘Body Good.’

In the ‘Body Good’ video, ladies of all colors, sizes, and skin tones are highlighted and complimented. It is presently accessible on all platforms for streaming. A short picture of “#BLM” on Rose’s nail shows on the camera at the opening of the music video for ‘Body Good.’ Then other women of color emerge, one of them is wearing a cap similar to the one used by the ladies of the Black Panther Party, and her fist is raised, breaking the wind, a sign of power and self-awareness.

“I love soca. I love my culture, the music, and the food. I’m a bit extra in regard to the way I dress, and I love colored hair. When it came to the crucial point of what kind of music I wanted to do what genre, I thought I really wanted to do soca. I want to go home and do soca,” said Melly Rose.

This statement speaks volumes about Rose’s fantastic fashion sense and how she loved going a ‘bit extra.’ Melly isn’t afraid of trying on various outfits that are synonymous with her culture and origins. You’ll see her donning very exquisite and different jewelry in her music videos, especially necklaces. Melly is brave enough to ace whatever she wears, whatever hair color boldly. Her fashion sense is unique, exquisite, and literally just; just what you’d expect from a soca sensation.

In her music videos, you’ll see Melly with many bangles on, with many ring-like necklaces, with camouflaged clothing, with different hair colors; you’ll even see her dressed like Pharaoh; there’s nothing stopping her. Her exquisite fashion sense speaks volumes about her intrepidity.

Not only is Melly Roses’ fashion sense brilliant, but her voice is also exemplary, and all of her songs have a message to convey. Being a black woman herself, Melly is very anti-racism. She believes that she just cannot sit back in the nosebleeds and watch the wrong in the world; she wants to do something; and through her tracks, she does.
Melly is a rising star; there’s no doubt about it. Rose has birthed waves all around the world through her beautiful, soul-touching music. Now, we can only imagine what the Trinidadian prodigy has in store for us in the future and what grandeur the future has in store for her.


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