Audentia – S.O.T.M.

Audentia’s song “S.O.T.M.” stands for Sermon On The Mount, this track is a reference from a passage In the Bible where Jesus had everyone gather around him and listen to his teachings and just hear what he has to say. In the Song Audentia seems to take it in a different experience discussing his struggle with faith, and how people view him as someone they can follow and look up to. However he talks about his temptations and struggles and is open about what goes on.

Brian Anthony DeJesus who is known by his stage name is Audentia is hip-hop based artist out of Houston,Texas. He grew up most of his childhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey being raised by his Puerto Rican father and Salvadorian mother. They eventually settle later on in the great Htown city where all the great known Houston rappers came from including Paul Wall, Zro, Slim Thug, SPM and etc. Audentia fell in love with the music at a young age whether is was learning a new instrument to even teaching himself how to record himself. He wants to make music for everyone who don’t have a voice of their own. In his music he covers discussion from questioning life, faith, love and struggle. He wants to make an impact with his music hoping that one day someone can hear him out.


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