C-Diffy – R.I.P Everyone

2020 has been synonymous with tragedy and death and C-Diffy’s new single “R.I.P Everyone” expounds on society’s increased paranoia. C-Diffy’s snappy flow blends well with the moody yet bouncy instrumental. C-Diffy’s messaging throughout the song will certainly leave an impression on the listening audience.

Chris Co, better known by his stage name C-Diffy, is an American Rapper, Producer, and Songwriter from Dallas, Tx. Using unique flows to have honest conversations about mental health over 808-laced instrumentals has become a foundational piece of C-Diffy’s music. While most artists choose to delegate their talents to one side of music production, Diffy takes on the challenge of being his own go-to producer and go-to rapper on any given day. A major talking point the rapper-producer expounds on throughout his music is his constant battle with his worst enemy; his personal demons. C-Diffy’s musical journey began in 2013 after a Tupac documentary turned an occasional fantasy into a constant obsession for the young teen. From the golden era in the ’90s to current trap bangers, Diffy made it his mission to analyze the past and present of hip-hop so he could one day become the future of it.


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