Datboi Hue – TBH

Florida’s Datboi Hue delivers “TBH” and explains the concept behind it.

“TBH” is the aftermath of a break up; the if’s, But’s, and the numbness that comes with. TBH is me projecting these ideas while at the same time reflecting about the relationship and all its parts, coming to the conclusion it was never meant to be.

Datboi Hue is a Broward County rapper among the likes of Kodak Black, XXXtentacion, and Skimask The Slump God. Hue found early sparks of fame after his first mixtape release Chronicle Dreams containing popular songs such as “I Hate High School” and “Dope kid”. Currently, the artist Is really involved in the new wave of rap called clout music, while at the same time; making a name for himself within the rap industry. The artist is well known for having a rare quality of possessing In-depth Rhymes that traps the listener in his songs.

Hue, like many artists today, hates being placed in a specific genre or bubble. Hue loves hip hop, rap and also dips in and out of R&B. Tired of the life he was currently living, Hue decided to take rap seriously doing shows all around Florida while promoting his new EP release, “Wasted Potential”. The young artist was eager to make his dream a reality doing whatever it takes to get his name among the stars. There’s more to come from this Broward county rapper so I suggest you keep an eye out.


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