BRONX, NY February 13, 2021- Congratulations to those creatives who choose to be great. If we learned anything in 2020, it is to dig within yourself and be that light for yourself and others. “Big Grind” is doing just that with the release of his new single, “Being Black.” The single off of “For The Unspoken” album showcases the life of a Black man, who grows through life as an individual instead of following the crowd. His music is a direct reflection of just that. With bars to have you thinking and rewinding the track to really take in what’s being said, “Big Grind” intends to bring a different voice to the new generation listening to Hip Hop.

“Big Grind” is a hip hop artist from The Bronx, NY. His other titles include Karate instructor, and Educator in New York City Charter schools. His career began at a young age. “Big Grind,” otherwise known as Joel Bunche, was always performing as a child. With inspiration from artists like TuPac and Nas, he set on his path to make sure his voice was heard. In 2019, “Big Grind” began his work; going to the studio and putting his music together. He released “Love Does Count,” a heartfelt ode everyone can identify with. In turn it is the staple Big Grind intends to lead with and leave with the youth as well as others struggling to have their voice heard.

In an interview on “Building Conversations Toward Success,” Big Grind tells us how he’s “…lost connections with people…”he thought were his friends because of his grind. He says,

“I’m not… I’m not typical. I don’t know… you just like…. you never even gave me a chance. So much in that I leave people because they’re so dysfunctional…I’m still here by the grace of God that you know, he brought me out when everybody counted me out … I just feel like giving back and now I feel like it is..is difficult because I got to push myself. I got to support myself and soon as I said that people had a problem with it.”

“Big Grind” can be found on all streaming platforms. “Being Black” is the new single off his “For the Unspoken” album. It is available for purchase and entertainment on all streaming platforms and social media outlets. Support “Being Black” by including it in your social media stories.

IG: RealBigGrind

Big Grind’s 2019 Coast 2 Coast Live Performance


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