Camo! is seen in his new music video wearing designer clothes rapping about how he’s trying to hook up with a girl but her friend keeps on “Trifling”, so he calls up his bro to distract her until he’s done. Everybody’s been in a situation where they wanted to get with somebody but their friend wants you, or their just ruining your chances by getting involved. Yeah we all know the sitting in between you and her at the movies type friend. It seems like we all need to take a page out of Camo!’s book and call up our bro. Watch the EyeCIdeas directed, Dru Stylez produced “Trifling” below.

Who is this Camo!? The exclamation mark behind his name, shows the energy he brings just by saying it. Atlanta native Camo! may have just made his break out single at just 16 years old, and he’s just getting started. He may just be up next and in the blink of a eye, on our TV screens.

His style switches between a hard flow where he’s known for using funny but awesome punchlines and a melodic sound that makes your head nod immediately. It also seems that he can make anything. Whether he feels like flexing up on all of the haters, rapping about jewelry, cars, and his time with other men’s women or he rap about heartbreak, or moods that we all can relate to.

Camo! is one of the younger rappers on the scene & is definitely proving himself worthy. Let’s hope he keeps coming back harder and harder. If he keeps at it like this, he’ll have a career before he even graduates high school.


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