Zimm- Haunted

Zimm’s “Haunted” is produced in collaboration with Feelo music and Polar Beats, written and recorded by Zimm. This song details Zimm’s struggles with mental health, particularity his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts.


In this song, he opens up about things he never shared with anyone, including witnessing physical abuse at an early age along with turning to drugs and alcohol to try and cope with depression and mental illness ultimately causing a lack of a relationship with his father. Zimm hopes that by sharing his demons through music, he can help other people realize they are not alone something he wishes he had while growing up. Recently Zimm recently released a music video for this track on his YouTube page, the original which was put out as a studio performance/ lyric video published on Sep 4, 2017 gained over 2.5 million views on YouTube, and a combined total of about 10 million with all platforms.

Zimm is a 21 year old Hip Hop artist from central Pennsylvania, gaining over 40 million views across all social platforms within his first two years of releasing music. He started to release music on his YouTube page in late 2016 right around his 19th birthday and started to commercially release music around April of 2017. Zimm started writing music at age 12 inspired by a variety of artists which he was introduced to early on hearing his first Hip hop Record in 2004 at only 7 years old. His musical influence however is not only limited to Hip Hop including 50 Cent, Tupac, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G., Guns n Roses, Journey and Nirvana. He believes that his style is influenced by some of the greats and tries to maintain real lyricism and real subject matter within his music, most notably about his struggles with clinical depression and anxiety. His biggest audiences are on YouTube and Spotify, including 102k subscribers and over 98k monthly Spotify listeners.


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