Chris Cash – Genesis

Following his debut single release appropriately titled “Official,” Chris Cash proves consistency is no dilemma with his full length effort, “Genesis.”

The remarkable beat selection throughout the project is a breath of fresh air from the typical drill emulation that is popular among Chris’ peers. From the familiar guitar plucks to the beautiful orchestral sounds present throughout the album, “Genesis” is a witty, intellectual ballad that exhibits the classic balancing act of a rose growing from concrete.

Cash’s wispy delivery embodies the illusions of grandeur that come with the classic gangster movies you’d sneak into your Grandfather’s room to watch as a kid. The fifth track on the album, titled “Gallucci,” is the moniker of a well known criminal defense lawyer in New York City’s modern underworld. Chris paints a vivid picture for the listener throughout the recording as he confronts his issues head on. His clever wordplay takes center stage amongst a beautiful melody of reverberated cellos and flutes as the album rises.


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